Magellan the Dragon

Magellan, the Faire’s magic dragon and most famous icon, will be spending the festive weekend overseeing the activities while floating lazily on Young Park Lake.  “The Evil Black Knight” just can’t keep Magellan, so once again this year’s attendees can  take a canoe ride to get “up close and personal” to Magellan.

New Mexico State University students resurrect a dragon using NX motion simulation

Magellan the Dragon returned to the Dona Ana Arts Council’s Renaissance ArtsFaire on November 2-3, 2013, in Young Park, New Mexico, thanks to a collaborative effort involving artists, engineers, kids and community benefactors that include the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium. The beast is back after fans feared the beloved icon had been sacrificed to celebrate the state’s 100th birthday when the dragon literally fell apart valiantly promenading down Las Cruces streets during the New Mexico Centennial Parade.  Only the dragon’s head put in an appearance at last year’s RenFaire. Not in the lake, but convalescing in a “hospital tent,” where kids and other visitors were asked to contribute to his repair and recovery.  Robin Zielinski and Bob Diven, Sun-News artist, left, discuss Magellan’s new powers with Dr. Gabe Garcia, faculty adviser for NMSU engineering students working on the RenFaire dragon.Garcia said, “The head and the jaw shown in the photos are the prototypes that are to be used to determine how to attach everything and will be replaced with the final version of the head and the jaw the artist is currently working on. In the background of the photos is the NX model of the dragon showing the mechanism that was designed for the motion of the dragon.  The animation of the dragon was done with motion simulation in NX…..more about this story: Click Here