Technical Specifications

The following information is provided to assist those interested in renting the Rio Grande Theatre.

Technical Images

Rio Grande Theatre Floor Plan Template Vectorworks

Rio Grande Theatre Lineset Capacities

Lineset Schedule

Rio Grande Theatre Rigging ACTUAL INSTALL

Rio Grande Theatre Seating Chart

Stage Diagram Formal with Dimensions

Stage Diagram with Open Wing

Stage Lighting Outlet Plot



The total seating capacity is 422. There are 318 seats on the first level and 104 in the balcony. There is ADA compliant seating on both levels. The balcony has stairway and elevator access.


The Proscenium opening is 25’7’’ wide and 18’ high. The apron is 8’ from downstage center to the edge of the proscenium. Stage depth from the apron to last line set is 23’. Apron from stage left and stage right edge to proscenium is 6’. Stage depth from stage right and stage left to last line set is 21’. Stage has permanently installed work lights.

Stage Floor:

1×4 C grade pine, nailed to subfloor on floor joists. Sanded and painted with flat black stage paint. Suitable for dancing.

Wing Space:

¨ Masked wing space, stage right is 5’

¨ Wing space, stage right to proscenium is 12’

¨ Wing space, stage right depth is 17’

¨ Masked wing space, stage left is 2’

¨ Wing space, stage left to proscenium is 8’

¨ Wing space, stage depth is 16’

¨ Crossover is 3’

¨ Stage entrance is 7’ wide and 7’ 10’’ high

Fly System:

20 battens 33’, 1 ½” pipe

#1 valence (double purchase)

#2 main drape (double purchase)

#3 1st electric

#4 border

#5 open

#6 legs #1

#7 mid stage full black

#8 – #9 open

#10 border

#11 legs #2

#12 – #13 – #14 open

#15 border

#16 legs #3

#17 2nd electric

#18 border

#19 cyc

#20 upstage full black

 Miscellaneous Equipment:

¨ 30’ Genie lift

¨ 2 rolls Rosco black/grey dance floor

¨ K. Kawai baby grand piano


2 double AC outlets, stage left and stage right

console power stage right

Dressing Rooms:

One dressing room is located on stage level and measures 9’ x 8” and has a private restroom. One 9’ wall has a counter top, make-up lights and mirror.

A second dressing room, accessed by a stairway, is located on the second level and is 10’ x 9’, also with a private restroom. The dressing room has 10’ of counter, make-up lights and mirror.

Green Room:

On stage level behind back center stage and adjacent to stage level dressing room is a multi-purpose area that functions as green room, load-in and holding area. The second level has a 250 sq. ft. green room.

Loading Dock:

A 10’ x 10’ loading door is located behind back center stage and opens into the multi-purpose area. The bottom of the loading door is 3’ above access drive. The space outside of loading door limits truck size.

Lighting/Sound Booth:

Located at the rear of the lower level, the booth is enclosed and has sliding glass windows, with good sightlines to stage. It is possible to control house lights from the booth or from the lighting board. Lighting can also be controlled from a laptop. The sound board is also located in the booth.

Lighting Inventory:

¨ 48 2.4 KW ETC Dimmer Rack

¨ 1 ETC Ion Console (V2.2)

¨ DMX512A (up to two universes)

¨ 10 Selecon 8” Fresnel’s

¨ 20 Selecon ellipsoidal’s 23-50 degree

¨ 6 Selecon 3 cell HUI cycs

¨ 4 ETC Source Four 36 degree

Sound System:

¨ Allen & Heath GL 2400 32 channel console

¨ Shure P4800 digital signal processor

¨ Tascam 322 cassette deck

¨ Tascam CD-RW2000 disc player/recorder

¨ SurgeX SX111SRT surge suppressor/power conditioner

¨ SurgeX SX2120-SEQ surge suppressor/power conditioner

¨ Crown CTS1200 power amplifier

¨ Listen LT-800 stationary RF transmitter

¨ Listen LR-Assistive Listening Receiver (4)

¨ Clear-Com PS-232 power supply with 4 belt packs

¨ Audio-Technica ATW-3110a wireless mic system

¨ (8) ATW3110D lapel mics

¨ (4) AKG D880M hand held mics

¨ (4) AKG D880SM hand held mics w/switch

¨ EAW loudspeakers (L&R) (2)JBL Controlled 23-WH and (2)MK5166e


Sanyo PLC-XF3IN multi-media projector


Da-lite 20’x 20’ motorized, located directly behind proscenium

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Thank you for considering the Rio Grande Theatre.