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Artist Relief Fund Continues in 2021

Since last August generous donors have made it possible for the Doña Ana Arts Council to offer $100 grants to artists needing assistance. We have distributed all of the available donations to artists who have applied.
We extend our sincere gratitude to all donors to this fund, and we hope such inspired giving has made a significant and positive difference for artists.
As long as there is a need we would like to continue this program with community support.  If you are interested in donating to this important fund please call DAAC at 575-523-6403 for more information. Artists may still apply for an Artist Relief grant if the funds become available.
**We will keep anonymous the names of the applicants and recipients, but we do hope that there will be affirmations of the benefits that can be made public.
**If there are more applications than funds available, DAAC staff will determine, based on the applications submitted, which artists will receive the remaining available funds. New applications will be required from those who have received grants from this fund in the past.

Image: “Hang Out to Dry” by Mary Diesel; in Metaphor for a Virus Online Gallery


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