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Painting Pet Portraits with Andy Mallen



Denver artist Andy Mallen is coming back to Las Cruces to teach another workshop on How to Paint Your Pet (and love the results)!


Andy was here in February leading the workshop, ’Puppy Love’ in honor of Valentine’s Day.  And the folks who participated in this 2 1/2 day painting workshop were so thrilled with their results we’ve invited her back.

Andy will be conducting the workshop on 9/20 – 9/22, again 2 1/2 full days of love, laughter and great painting.  It will be at the DAAC Arts Cultural Center which is located at 1740 Calle de Mercado, Suite D in Meslilla.


All levels of painters are welcome. Oil and Acrylics are good mediums for this technique.  If you are an expert at water color, you are welcome to join in, however, water colors will not work with my technique.  And, if you are using Acrylics, be sure to bring a wetting medium so that you can spread the paint easily and have it stay a bit wet.


The first day, 9/20, Andy will provide copies of an animal image that the whole group will paint together.  She will show you how to use the graphite paper and charcoal to create an accurate sketch which is your roadmap to a beautiful painting.  This first painting will be on an 8” X 10” canvas board.  The other paintings through the weekend can be larger if you want – but 12” X 16” may be as large as you want to go for the workshop.


If you don’t personally have a pet, Andy will have plenty of printed out photos you can use.


Andy will have you first watch her do the process and then you do the same – it’s a step-by-step approach – so you see her do it and then you do it one step at a time. The group will share and review the day’s lesson and address questions as well as applaud everyone’s beautiful work!


Whether you have a dog or two, cats, bunnies, birds, a goat or a cow, just bring photos printed out and we’ll paint . . . til the cows come home!!!


Here’s your supply list:

  • Your Paints – bring whatever colors you want to use to paint your pet
  • Your favorite brushes
  • For oil painters: Gamsol, rags, linseed oil
  • For acrylic painters: wetting medium, rags
  • Palette – whether paper or paper plates, whatever you use
  • Saral Graphite paper – it’s easiest to purchase on line at Jerry’s Artarama.


  • A pen with a strong point
  • Charcoal for filling in and shading the sketch
  • Can of Krylon Workable Fixative
  • Color copies of what you want to paint; you can also use a tablet for better color reference. Andy uses both. But you definitely need a good color copy of your image for this particular process.
  • If you plan to create a larger size painting, larger than 8” X 10”, you will need to enlarge your image and will probably need to tape it together to fill out your canvas.
  • Note: there is a website called com in which you can upload your image and it will create it in the number of pages to meet the size of your canvas. There are instructions on the website.


It’s been a busy year for Andy.  Here are some of her latest paintings – naturally we want to cuddle them all!  See you at the workshop.


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