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Storm Watch Jewelry

We use fabrication and lost wax casting to create original, unique designs in sterling silver and 10 and 14 karat gold. Our stone pieces contain genuine gemstones unless very clearly marked as lab created.

Ron Pace, Storm Watch Jewelry

The Art Gallery

Come see us  at 250 W. Amador Ave. in downtown Las Cruces.  The Art Gallery rotates every month with a new show by Las Cruces artists.

ROKOKO ART and Mitch Alamag are a wife and husband art team who started their business, Rokoko Art Studio, in 1984. and Mitch make art in many different forms and sell to art galleries around the US, as well as exhibit at shows in diverse areas.  They have made Las Cruces their home since 2003.  Their studio is open by appointment.

Images:  “I am with You”, and “Love in the Forest”: and Mitch Alamag
Rokoko Art Studio


Sally Quillin and Mike Stephens are a wife and husband team who operate the Quillin-Stephens Gallery in downtown Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Sally paints in watercolor, acrylics and oil; Mike is a fine art photographer.  

They frequently collaborate on the same scene:  Mike taking a photo and Sally painting.  The side-by-side images make for a striking look.

email. or


Artist designed and constructed men’s and women’s jackets and coats in vibrant southwestern colors and patterns.
Holly Woelber, m-g designs


Unique Window Chandeliers created with antique, vintage & new crystal prisms, beaded w/gemstones, agate geodes, druzy beads, Czech & Austrian,

Swarovski & Preciosa Crystal, and metal components such as Cloisonne, copper, brass, pewter, dangled off a hand-woven dreamcatcher or a lead crystal focal.  Crystal Sun Catchers created with 40mm Asfour  ballprisms enhanced with pendants, such as dragons, dragonflies, flowers, 24k Gold/Chrome Hummingbirds or Dragonflies with Rhinestones, and a beaded holder.

Kate McKeough


TCMB Design features unique wooden jewelry that is laser cut and then inlaid with various stones such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, and more. With a wide array of designs, there are many necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and wristbands to choose from that would make excellent gifts for both men and women.

TCMB Design also creates other gifts for the holidays such as ornaments, keychains, and nativity sets.


Bob Diven is an award-winning realist artist who creates intimate portraits of people and other critters. He is also an award-winning editorial cartoonist and street painter. Bob grew up in Las Cruces.  After serving in the United States Coast Guard, he was trained at The Rocky Mountain School of Art in Denver, Colorado, New Mexico State University, and The University of New Mexico.   

He also specializes in site-specific murals and sculpture.


“I seek to discover and reveal, through photography, the natural world that sometimes goes unnoticed.  My goal is to evoke mindfulness and contemplation within the observer.

“I choose to present my photographs in black and white.  This is not only an artistic decision but also driven by the need to remain true to my original visualization of the world as I see it.”

Emmitt Booher


All natural wood inlay pictures using many kinds of wood for natural color; no paints or stains used.

“I start my designs drawing them on velum then transfer each element of the drawing to the individual piece of wood to be used noting color and grain direction until all pieces are cut out, then each piece is shaped and sculpted and skillfully positioned to create the picture.”  Woodcarving and wood burning are used in addition to genuine turquoise inlay.

Adrian Martinez


“Hello and welcome to the Dan Kihl Studios. 

“We love that you are visiting our shop and please let us know if you have any questions or comments and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.

“Thanks for stopping by!”

Dan Kihl


Hand Made and Custom Fit  “Our boots are built to last using the finest materials available.    Through all the ups and downs of life, these boots will take you there and back again.

“Our custom-fit footwear begins with measurements.  We trace both feet, then tape over a sock to make a soft cast.  We take this to our studio and pattern a cardboard template in the shape of the customer’s foot and leg, which is the basis for making a pair of leather boots , which are literally a second skin.”

Mary & Tim Helgeson Budrys



“I enjoy bringing life to a blank canvas with colors and shapes, and finding a figure in a chunk of stone.

I can be contacted at”

Mary Beagle – paintings & sculpture


Dallas based artist, Abel Garcia, has been disrupting the art world for over twelve years. His urban style marries graffiti inspired elements and traditional art concepts. His over the top energy and love of color comes through in each piece. In fact, he has coined the phrase, “Why sleep when you can paint?”

Abel gives back to his Dallas, Texas community,  his hometown of Las Cruces, New Mexico, to the Tortugas Pueblo, the Doña Ana Arts Council and many more.

Abel Garcia










Patricia Black, Gourd Artist

Las Cruces, New Mexico 


“I moved to Las Cruces after living and traveling through the Western Hemisphere.  Immediately, I felt I had come home and I have continued to feel that way to this day. 

“My background as a goldsmith and jewelry designer definitely influences my paintings.  Today, my paintings and jewelry are interrelated more than ever.  My preference for organic natural shapes appear in my paintings, jewelry and in my adobe home.

“I love sharing my passion for New Mexico as expressed in my art. “

Jo-an Smith, painter and jewelry designer

Linda Gendall

The Doña Ana Arts Council’s (DAAC’s) arts and cultural center gallery will be open for extended hours on Saturday, January 9, 2021 from 12 noon to 5:00 p.m. 

The January exhibit features the work of local painter and mixed media artist, Linda Gendall. 

Her exhibit, titled “New Mexico Retrospective”, will run from January 4 – 28, 2021.  Regular gallery hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.



“To create batik designs on custom sewn cotton and gauze clothing, I create a ‘wearable’ design, then paint it onto fabric with hot wax, as a resist.. The garments are dyed to create various colors and texture; this is repeated multiple times. 

“To finish,  we boil the piece to remove the wax, resulting in a washable, wearable, casual garment.”

Sheilah Grebe & Geno Morandi


Wayne Suggs has been photographing New Mexico and other locations for over 45 years. In recent years he has focused much of his work on astrophotography and teaching workshops.

Wayne is currently a Workshop Pro for Muench Workshops, a company that provides worldwide total immersion photography workshops. Wayne has won numerous awards for his photography, and his work is routinely featured in publications like New Mexico Magazine and The Reflector Astronomy Magazine

Wayne Suggs


Hand-crafted table tops, “lazy susan” table top turners and wall hangings in wood and resin.

Thomas Smiley


Sherry is an artist painting in oils. She likes to try different subjects and uses her imagination in creating her art. She paints in the following styles: realistic, surreal, 3D, Curvisimo and any style that is fun. She likes to use bright colors, letting the painting tell her what colors and subject to paint.

Sherry Strong

RenFaire Merchandise

Ren Faire Logo 2016

The 49th Annual Renaissance ArtsFaire commemorative merchandise includes a forest-green T-shirt with gold graphics.  The “NO FAIRE”  message sums up the necessity for a virtual-only event in 2020.

In addition, we offer hand-made Renaissance ArtsFaire mugs, buttons, dragon toys, masks and more!

These unique one-of-a-kind items would make excellent gifts for the whole family.

Hollow Earth Swordworks

At Hollow Earth Swordworks we offer fine hardwood sparring weapons, fully-functioning crossbows and leather accessories.   These are handcrafted at our studio in the Arkansas Ozark mountains by our family artisans. 

Constructed of tough American Hickory, our swords are ideal for full contact sparring, training, stage combat, or delighting the imagination of a child. These swords have become a tradition for us, as we hope they will for you. We are at your service.

Steven Archote

DAAC Merchandise

In addition to an art gallery, the Doña Ana Arts Council has a variety of items for sale at the Arts & Cultural Center and online.

Show your support for the arts in our community with a custom DAAC license plate, in white or black, art-themed face masks, greeting cards, t-shirts and more!

For the best selection, please  visit the DAAC Arts & Cultural Center at 250 W. Amador, in downtown Las Cruces, New Mexico.  

Phone:  575-523-6403.

D0ña Ana Arts Council