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Beagle, Mary


I like working with oils because of the way I can move them around the canvas.  Painting Native American and Latino people helps me learn about the people and their cultures.  I learned that Crown Dancers are mountain spirits bring the message from the Creator of how to live in harmony.  To the people of some Mexican cultures, butterflies are messengers or spirits from their loved ones who have passed on.  Strangely, Monarch Butterflies migrate to Mexico at the time of Dia de los Muertos.

Working with stone gives me a new perspective as I then have to think in 3D.  It’s a good break from painting.  I can achieve sharp details on hard stones like marble or play with light with translucent stones like alabaster and calcite.  Such fun!

Mary Beagle



Heather Murphy

Doña Ana Arts Council would like to recognize Heather Murphy as the Artist of the Month for November 2020 for her unique Renaissance-themed cloth mache creations.

Heather Murphy is a Las Cruces-based artist best known to highlight a sense of playfulness in her art.  Inspired by the ordinary and the eccentric, a love of animals, and the comical, Heather enjoys bringing her creations to life using recycled paper and fabric in a process known as mache.  However, watching people’s reactions to the work is what brings Heather the most joy.

While new to the process of mache, Heather is no stranger to working with her hands. Mostly self-taught, Heather has been a plasma cutter since 2016, worked with ceramics and pottery since 1990 and often delves into other mediums from time to time.  In Heather’s work, you can usually find the sunny and the silly side of life, death, and everything in between.  

Several of Heather’s creations are in the Renaissance ArtsFaire online auction, open from November 1 – 7.  Click to see auction items:  HERE

Heather Murphy and her creations


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