We Make Art Accessible
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Joining the Doña Ana Arts Council helps us create a community where the arts thrive.

Select a membership or donation level below for your annual investment.  All contributions, no matter what size, are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible.

Thank you for your support of the Arts Council.  Located in the Mesilla Valley, part of the greater Las Cruces area.


Artist Membership

Photo by Will Keener of Karen Conley

Working artists, galleries, museums, arts organizations and arts-related businesses are at the core of our Arts Community. Benefits: artists and supporting arts organizations annually contributing at this level (and above) qualify for an enhanced listing in the DAAC on-line Arts Directory.


Arenas Blancas Level

White Sands, photograph by Emmitt Booher

The same way that the many grains of gypsum make White Sands National Park a place of significance, the many investments at this level make Doña Ana Arts Council a substantial force in the arts.

DONATION RANGE: $51 - $100

Heart for Art Level

Cactus Heart by Michelle Augustyniak

Hearts are in the right place when investing in the power the arts have in our community pride and in our creative economy. Just as our hearts pump sustenance to all parts of our bodies, these investments have the power to sustain what the arts do to nourish our community. Benefits:* 1) At this level and above, members may take a 20% discount on select classes and workshops; 2) members may sign up for all on-line Feed Your Mind art history series at no charge; 3) Artists, arts organizations and arts-related businesses receive the flexibility to change their Arts Directory listing four times per year to announce events or add new images.

DONATION RANGE: $101 - $500

Acequia Madre Level

Photo by Gregory Z. Smith

An ancient water channel still brings essential water to parts of our region. It is called the Acequia Madre because it is the mother of irrigation for us. Like water for the arts, investments help us cultivate important growth and survival. As a way of saying Thank You, Acequia Madre members receive a gift certificate for Dinner for Two at La Posta ($30 value**)


DONATION RANGE: $501 - $1,000

Continental Divide Level

Mission at Sunset by Laurel Weathersbee

Gravity pulls water toward the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean depending on which side of the Continental Divide precipitation falls. Situated where we are, investments become like rivers contributing to a water cycle that makes great things possible. To show our appreciation for your support, Continental Divide members will receive two VIP Package tickets for the Las Cruces International Mariachi Conference ($60 value**).

DONATION RANGE: $1,001 - $5,000

Monumental Level

Prehistoric Trackways National Monument Sign
Photo by Gregory Z. Smith

In addition to part of a National Park, we have two National Monuments in Doña Ana County, and their contributions to our visibility and community pride are significant. So, also, can investments in the Doña Ana Arts Council result in raised visibility and pride. In gratitude, Monumental Level members will receive two Season Tickets to the Las Cruces Community Theatre ($184 value**)

DONATION RANGE: $5,001 - $10,000

Astronautical Level

Moon in the Wind by Daphne Wirthlin

There are a growing number of astronauts, but the total number is still small. However, through their contributions, sic itur ad astra, or thus, we reach the stars. To show our gratitude to those who so generously contribute at this level, Astronautical Circle Members will receive two Season Tickets to the Las Cruces Symphony Orchestra ($500 value**).



Please click in the white box and enter your donation amount as a number (no $ sign), then click DONATE.  Thank you!


Artist and Arenas Blancas level members receive a larger area for their listing in the Arts Directory.  The larger area will accommodate  two images and up to 1,000 words of text.

The following Member Benefits are available at the Heart for Art level ($101 +) and above:  1) 20% discount on select classes and workshops; 2) all online Feed Your Mind art history series at no charge (registration on DAAC website required, code will be given to waive fee); 3) artists, arts organizations and arts-related businesses may change their Arts Directory listing up to four times per fiscal year (July – June).

Values and availability of gifts may change.  Any gift may be traded for a corresponding discount on purchase of a piece of art showing in the DAAC Arts & Cultural Center Gallery.

Please note:  At each level, an investor (individual, couple, family, or entity) receives benefits or one-time gift either when that level is reached  (accumulated investments over time) or when a single investment is made that matches that level.


Put your time to great use with many opportunities at the Doña Ana Arts Council, including the Renaissance ArtsFaire, the Las Cruces Arts Fair, the Arts & Cultural Center or various children’s art programs.


Ever wonder what members of the Dona Ana Arts Council think about art? While not all of us are artists (although we can boast that many of us are), we all share a steadfast appreciation and understanding that the arts are essential to developing our local community and culture. Art connects us, inspires us, and gives our children better tools to learn and change the world around us.