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Sandino, Noël

Printmaker, Instructor, Painter and Mixed Media Visual Artis,




“I try not to anticipate the initial outcome of a painting and prefer to let it develop as I go.  I often work from my imagination and allow myself the freedom to paint with abandon. 

I am currently working in oils with mixed media and hybrid printmaking styles. In addition to painting and print-making, Noël operates Black Bird Studio, a resource for printmaking classes or press usage.”



Strong Tower  

 Oil and cold wax painting on board

12” x16”

Trace Monotype





Alice D - 2nd Grade: 2022 LCSF Poster Contest Winner

In 2022 we will be highlighting artwork created by our young people. This month we are showcasing the 2022 Las Cruces Space Festival poster contest. Las Cruces Public School K-12 students designed posters with the theme “Future Careers in Space.” The Festival Committee received over 1000 entries that the Challenger Learning Center of Las Cruces narrowed down to 30 finalists that can be viewed by going to this link