Nonprofit 501c3 – Proudly serving Las Cruces & Southern New Mexico

Doña Ana Arts Council Board of Directors


DAN LERE, Board President; 1st term ends: 6/30/22

TOM KIRSCHBAUM, Vice President; 1st term ends: 6/30/22

MICHAEL MANDEL, Treasurer;  2nd term ends: 6/30/21

HAL HENTHORNE; Member at Large; 1st term ends 6/30/22

BARBARA REASONER,  Past President; 2nd term ends: 6/30/22


FEDERICO ALMAREZ;  1st term ends 6/30/22

EMMITT BOOHER; 2nd term ends  6/30/22

SHERRY DOIL CARTER; 1st term ends 6/30/22

CYNTHIA PELECH; 1st term ends: 6/30/22

MARY HELEN RATJE; 2nd term ends 6/30/23


Doña Ana Arts Council Members

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