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Career Art Path

Career Art Path, is a visual arts camp for 5th to 8th graders. During this two-week experience, participants explore art-related careers through hands-on activities and working artists are the guest speakers. This past June the topics included:

Working with Clay, Set Design, Photography and Social Media, Mixed Media Sculpture , Jewelry Design, Architecture Design, Plasma Cutting and Design (Students will be using scissors and tag board.), Abstract Painting , and Curation of Art Galleries

Lisa Carlson, a Kennedy Center trained art teacher and Hiba Mohammed, planned and taught CAP this past June. At the end of the two weeks the students held an art exhibition for family and friends. Next summer we have planned an exhibition in the DAAC Gallery for the students. The tentative dates are June 6-17, 2022.

Please call Karen Conley at 575-523-6403 if you have any questions.

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