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On-Line and No Charge! Painting Workshop: Watercolor & Ink with Sally Quillin

May 14, 2020 10:30 am
May 14, 2020 12:00 pm
1740 Calle De Mercado Suites B & D, Las Cruces NM 88005   View map


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Level:  For beginning to intermediate artists with some painting experience.

Cost:  $0  online workshop courtesy of Sally Quillin and the Dona Ana Arts Council

Students are encouraged to create the painting outlined by Sally Quillin, below,  then attend a Zoom on-line class on May 14, 2020 from 10:30 – 12 noon where Sally will view each student’s painting and offer a critique.  We will also create an on-line gallery of the workshop exercise for the public to view.  A simple photo of your finished painting sent to and will be helpful for the review on May 14th and the on-line gallery.  Pre-registration required to receive a Zoom invitation for the May 14th 10:30 a.m. review.

thank you, Kathleen Albers, Dona Ana Arts Council


From Sally Quillin, Las Cruces teaching artist and professional artist who is offering this workshop:

Watercolor/Ink Exercise

Hi everybody!! Hope you all are doing well and staying healthy during this difficult time.  The two beginning watercolor ArtRageous! classes in April and the Intermediate watercolor workshop in May have been postponed until summer or early fall.  To keep in touch with our creative side Kathleen and I are inviting you to a fun painting event.  I have prepared a simple watercolor/ink study on a 4’x6’ piece of watercolor paper.  It was inspired by a set of doors that are on the house 4 doors down from me and the poppies that are running rampant across the street. There are vague instructions as well as a supply list but I invite you to use your imagination.  Feel free to create different doors, use different colors or plant different flowers.  After you have finished the piece, take a picture of it on your phone and send it to Kathleen.  She will create an online art show of our work.  Kathleen will send you the details.  I hope everybody will participate in this no matter what you think of your painting skills or lack thereof.  You all are great!!  This is a way for us to keep in touch, do a little art, grow our creativity and have a little fun.

Thanks!  Sally Quillin

Register  is at no charge, but you must register to receive the Zoom invitation for May 14 at 10:30 a.m. where Sally will critique your paintings and give you suggestions.

Supply List

  1. Paint ..use what you have or if you don’t have watercolor tubes you can buy a simple Prang or Crayola pan set at Walmart. The colors I used were red light, bright yellow, ultramarine blue and light green
  2. A small round brush and a medium brush
  3. A Sharpie ultra fine pen
  4. 4×6 watercolor paper or larger
  5. Water bucket, pencil, paper towels

Mixing Paint

Bricks and wall…..yellow and red with a touch of blue to tone down brightness

Doors….light green and blue

Poppies….bright yellow, bright yellow and touch of red for darker flowers

Greens….light green with touch of blue for darker leaves

Feel free to create your own colors


  1. Drawing…if you look this is a drawing using mostly rectangles. I started with the framework around the 2 doors then filled that in with 2 long, thin rectangles. I divided each door in 4 equal parts or panels and made designs within each panel. Feel free to create your own design or use mine. Don’t forget the door handles…I frequently do. Notice the door is drawn a little left of center of the paper…this helps to avoid a ‘bulls-eye’ and moves your eye around the picture better.
  2. Bricks…notice the bricks are placed differently on each row and some are only partially drawn. If I had filled in all the bricks the wall would have appeared too heavy for this study.
  3. The flowers are drawn using a scribbly somewhat round shape…be sure to make them big enough to color in with yellow after you have inked them. There is also a suggestion of stems and leaves. The pathway is created by the placement of the flowers. Do you see that by making the path a random shape it creates an interesting trip to the door?
  4. Inking…ink all the lines of the drawing then add some shadow in the door. I used the cross hatching technique…you can see the shadows in the drawing and inking sample.

Painting Tips

The paints are mixed with water until the color is transparent. Notice how you have the feeling of the white paper beneath the paint…light and airy…that is what you are going for. Try to leave some white of the paper showing.

The top of the doors is darker that the bottom of the doors. This creates a touch of dimension and indicates sunlight is hitting the doors.

Notice the color of the wall is darkest closer to the doors and then feathered out lighter and lighter leaving some of the wall unpainted. This helps to center your attention on the doors.

The path that leads to the doors is lighter in front getting gradually darker as you reach the doors.

I painted the flowers dabbing on the bright yellow and then yellow mixed with a little red for some contrast.  The green I quickly painted in stems and swished some green below the flowers to set them down so they looked planted in the ground.

Have fun with this!!!!!

Sally Quillin

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